About Demi Schneider

Demi Schneider

Demi Schneider
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist
Metaphysical Life Coach
Solution Focused Brief Therapist
Founder & Facilitator of Depression Busting Courses
Author of “Beat Your Depression For Good”

With the Right Process, you can leave all the negativity of the past behind and live on a whole trajectory for the rest of your life...

How do I know this?

Because... I personally have been on this journey. I know how depression feels... I know what it is to have come from an emotionally dysfunctional background. At school I was bullied and rejected. When I grew up I attracted relationships where I had my house burnt down, got cheated on, was physically abused, financially abused. They were all really tough times..... I also know how it feels to work so hard and give so much to end up disappointed again and again. And I know how it feels to have my life collapse around me - such as the terrible night I got the news that my darling beloved sister had died... She was epileptic and had had a fit and her boyfriend came home and found her dead on the floor. She was just 34........ And then, when I thought nothing could top that, my long time partner abandoned me just before my daughters birth, leaving me to cope with a new born baby after an emergency C section and my whole life totally in tatters.

I’ve spent some 20 years on this mission of changing my own life completely and feeling joy and happiness everyday. I decided my mission in life was to share all I’d learnt with as many others as possible so they too could make this transformational journey for themselves but in a much shorter, simpler, easier way than the long, arduous route it took me!

And since then I have had the privilege of helping people from all over the world to transform their lives and know their joy and happiness too.

I have been teaching courses and workshops since 2002 and focused particularly on Anxiety and Depression from 2010 when I founded “Depression Busting Courses”. My book “Beat Your Depression For Good” was released in 2014. I am now reaching the far corners of the world with my webinars and online programmes. I am also working on a Schools Programme because my life ambition is to get this information taught as part of the National Curriculum so that future generations can live well and never know Anxiety or Depression. We have this phenomenal mind - the most cpmplex thing in the known Universe.... Doesn’t it make sense to know how to use it?

And when I’m not working, I love spending time with my young daughter, my greatest gift and pleasure, enjoying the delightful places Devon has to offer together, or girlie movie nights with a carpet picnic or playing board games with her. I love to catch up with friends and have lunch or dinner or theme evening with them. I feel younger every year and just keep marvelling at the joy life is!