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Experienced Life Transformer
Demi Schneider
offers exclusive, unique, proven,fast track,
Individual Retreats in Devon or Virtual Retreats Online
to enable clients to quickly take back
command of themselves, their lives and
their future - feel good and stay that way!

Choose to experience that ‘get away from it all’ feeling in beautiful rural Devon to give you the space and time to focus on making change real, positive and permanent,
choose a Virtual Retreat from the ease of your own home over online video.

Both options enable YOU to experience my unique, simple, pleasant, do-able, achievable process so you can thrive and flourish where before it seemed impossible. You can banish old false ideas, banish anxiety and depression and take back your power, discover who-you-really-are to be the very best version of ‘you’ and project that ‘you’ into your world, have best relationships, work fulfilment and feel good - for everyone else’s benefit too, You can gain more self-worth, more self-esteem, more self-belief, more energy, better health, and feel able to enjoy it to the full. You can know lasting happiness, even when life is not how you want.
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"Words cannot express how I feel about what Demi has done for me. I arrived a depressed self pitying wretch and left totally changed. Demi not only sets you on the correct pathway for the rest of your life but also provides you with all the tools necessary to keep you on it.
People who did not know what mental state I was in have commented about how well I look now and my sister says that I look 10 years younger! Enrol now on one of Demi's courses and your life too can be so much more enjoyable.
Thank you Demi"

Judy G
"I had no idea what this retreat course would be like and it was more than I could ever have imagined"

Jo B
"I arrived with considerable trepidation and many hallmarks of life-long negativity that had driven me to despair and a deep depression. I left with a new found sense of effortless joy and positivity together with a sense that this will continue to groww into the future unabated. I thank you and truly appreciate your charismatic, expert, patient and devoted attention that has enabled me to feel that I am now firmly on the road to a vastly more fulfilling and successful relationship with life as a whole.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Nick A

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Anxiety and Depression symptoms may include:
  • ~ Feeling stressed and overwhelmed
  • ~ Feeling like you can’t face the day
  • ~ Being disinterested in things that you used to, or want to enjoy
  • ~ Lacking confidence and self worth
  • ~ Procrastinating and ducking responsibilities
  • ~ Not sleeping at night or feeling you could sleep all the time
  • ~ Not wanting to face people or any confrontation
  • ~ Feeling fed up with the struggle
  • ~ Just wanting things to change or to ‘happen’ for you at last
  • ~ Panic attacks
This is not living as your best ‘you’ or having your best life! Let’s change this together.
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The secret of change is to focus all of our energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new